Giving you the tools, training and community to have the best possible web design business.

My no-BS mentorship to give struggling web designers a chance to ditch the cheap clients, charge higher prices, and build monthly revenue. Just like I did.

Here's the thing...

Starting your own web design business is a challenge. It can often feel like you’re running and running but not going anywhere, especially when you’re trying to find clients who will actually pay you well

A lot of energy gets put into making great websites, hoping it’ll be enough to pay the bills, but each month ends up feeling like a vicious cycle of starting over.

Plus it seems like all the good clients are hiding somewhere, and getting any business to notice you feels nearly impossible

You worry because you don’t know much about selling your services, and avoid cold calling. And because you don’t know how much to charge, you again undersell yourself and resent the project.

Despite trying everything, form watching countless YouTube videos, or fixing up your portfolio, to picking the perfect type of niche to focus on. The long hours start to drain you, and all the excitement you had at the beginning turns into worry and stress.

But nothing changes fast enough, giving up and going back to a regular job is starting to sound like a good idea. What makes your journey harder is feeling like you’re doing all this by yourself.

You are not alone!

I have a bold question for you...

What if you could turn things around and finally start moving in the right direction?
Where you easily find clients that need you and pay you what you are worth, and you are confident enough to ask a 5-figure sum for your websites…. just like all other other successful web designers. 
Imagine no longer feeling lost or alone, and instead being surrounded by other web designers who understand and support your growth! 
Where you have access to expert guidance on building an impressive portfolio, pricing your services correctly, knowing exactly what to say on a sales call, and marketing your business effectively.
The anxiety of long, uncertain hours replaced by excitement and confidence as your business grows steadily.
This is not just a pipe dream. I have done it already!

Going from struggling, to a 6 figure web design company in less than 12 months.

After being made redundant (layed off) in 2020 for the second time, from an agency who ironically failed to acquire enough business themselves, I became my own boss. 

I assumed because I knew how to build websites, being self employed would be easy. But I was wrong!

Months went by where I was struggling to get people to work with me. I had no idea where to look for work, or how to convince a business to choose me, and I would end up underpricing in fear of being too expensive. 

During my first year, with software and some small outsourcing costs, there was not much money left over for me.

It was a nightmare. 

But did you know that the web design industry in the UK alone is worth over £620m 🔥 so there has to be an opportunity to take a tiny slice of that pie and make great money…

Dam right!

So I got to learning.

I have invested tens of thousands into education, courses and mentorship and… I finally figured out how to make money, with my own process.

During year two, I made over 5x from the year before. I saw my first 6 figure year (over $140,000💰💰💰) from web design and SEO services.  

There are quite a few ways you can make £10,000+ a month with web design. So if you are still doubting whether anything will work…

You haven’t tried my own approach.

Let me show you👇

The Agency Alchemist Academy Proven 5 step system

40+ Lessons
15+ hours of content
Over 11 Modules
£3,000+ in bonuses

This isn’t just another course…

We’re building a community and personal coaching environment for struggling web designers.

Sure, on the surface, it might look like a course, because I am transferring my knowledge to you via pre recorded material… but it is much more than that.

My goal here is to give you a solution to many of the problems web designers face, because I have faced them myself, and overcome them.


Web Biz Foundations

Giving you the essential tools to get started and start to reshape your self image, confidence and limited thinking.

Setting expectations with a realistic 12 month plan that will easily get you to 6 figures and beyond.

My strategy for improving confidence and removing damaging thoughts.

My #1 approach to becoming a next-level designer and getting noticed.


The 6 figure launch pad

From niching to pricing, you’ll start building your attractive service offer and get it in front of customers who want it.

Building a brand to position you as an authority, even if you are new.

Understanding what it is that clients want so you can easily pitch and land £2,500+ websites.

The Alchemy EDC Lead System that I have used to find high paying clients.


Easy Sales Mastery

Remove the ‘fear’ and learn to easily sell your web design services without it feeling like you’re an unqualified salesman.

The unique Alchemy 2-Step sales process: to effortlessly land £2,500+ websites on the regular.

Sell without sales experience and come across like you genuinely care

Objection proof your process so you increase the chances of landing clients


Web Design Framework

From onboarding a new client, to working end to end through a proven and professional web design delivery process.

Easy client onboarding process with all the contracts and invoices I use

The step-by-step premium web process so you can deliver a premium level of service that client’s expect

Mistakes to avoid to ensure you deliver results and clients are happy


Scaling your business

Grow your web design business even further with additional services and a team who can deliver results for you.

What additional services to add to your web design business to build regular monthly recurring revenue

How to build a team of bad*ss service providers to help you continue to grow

How to use case studies and organic lead generation to bring clients to you

Plus copy and paste all my companies guides and resources. Worth thousands.


Exclusive Community

Access our exclusive community of web designers on Skool, all at different stages of their journey, and receive direct message access to myself.


Live Monthly Coaching

Attend monthly live group coaching calls for those that have questions, looking for that little extra support, or just want to listen to others.


Structured Training

Easy to follow and actionable training delivered in a course style format. Learn the 5 step Alchemy process at your own pace.

£497 Free

The Web Maintenance Mastery Course

The complete guide to creating, selling, and growing your own Website Hosting & Maintenance Plan business to build consistent monthly revenue.

£497 Free

The Ultimate SEO Course to Rank Higher On Google

The complete guide to learning how to optimise your own website, or start to offer SEO as an additional service to your web design clients.

£297 Free

Professional Web Agency Resource Library

All of the additional documents and resources you will need. Including contracts, pricing worksheets, niche selection, copy guides and much more.

Still not sure?

Here how some of my students have now found success within their businesses.

From £300 > £4,000 a month already
Now has a business they love
I'm now growing my business
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30 day money back Guarantee

If you like the sound of the Alchemist Programme, but are still a little unsure, that is ok. I give you my word that if you try the program for 30 days and are not happy with the content, I will refund you fully.

No overwhelming information.
no spam.
no unnecessary meet‑ups.

Only pure, high-quality training, and a community of A-Player web designers.


Yes! If you have completed less than 20% of the course curriculum and simply do not like what you see, then simply contact me via email within 30 days and I will refund you. 

The attractive thing of building an agency is that nothing else is required to start other than a computer/laptop and WiFi connection. Building a successful web design company is possible anywhere in the world.

We have successful students in counties worldwide.

Don’t worry! You are not alone here. Not only have I myself been burned by other courses that just didn’t work, so have students within the Agency Alchemist. This mentorship program holds your hand throughout the entire journey and you can always message me or the community, 24/7, and I’ll personally help you so there is no way you cannot succeed.

Everyone is different, but you learn at your own pace. For as long as you are a member of the program, you’ll receive access to the modules and 1 – 1 access to myself via the community. Because of this, you are not restricted to a certain timeframes and so that’s why it’s very hard for you not to succeed eventually.

If you follow the curriculum and attend the live Q&As, you will see results within 90 days. We have seen students land high ticket projects within their first month! 

No matter your position, the aim is after 12 months for you to have the confidence, and be in a position where you no longer feel you need this support.

Currently there is not any web design training, and assumes that you already know how to build websites. This program focuses on the process of building your business, finding clients and creating reoccurring revenue. 

That said, since we are all web designers, the community would provide support in many areas of web design if you need. Plus there is a lesson on finding contractors to fill skill gaps in your business.

No, this course will not teach you about SEO, you can find this within out SEO course. However, this course will teach you the importance of SEO and how you can include it as an additional service within your web design business to increase your income. 

Yes. We are regularly updating existing content and building new lessons to give you the best up to date information and processes. 

No, there are not any quizzes or tests with this course – just fun and discovery. It’s really more of a mentorship and guide.

Yes, of course if that is your goal.

Everything in this course is a brain dump of how I managed to build a six figure web design business in less than a year. You will have all of the knowledge and tools that you need to fast track your success.

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No long term commitment, join us for as long as you need us.  Plus access all future updates and mentorship sessions.

£39 / $49

Per Month


Hear from a few members…

Nawed W

“Successfully sold three websites for $5.5k. Half now, half when done = payment. Also closed a 4k deal which has been going backward and forwards for 2 months. Thank you so much Tristan.” 

Chris H

“Had a new client sign up for a website redesign this week. 30% deposit paid. Plus just has a contract signed and 50% paid on a £6,000 project (2 sites) – thanks for the help and frameworks”

George L

“I finally had a 10k month (December). And am on track to hit 10k again in January. I haven’t used the outreach yet but have been using your sales tips!” 

Real Results