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Learn the fundamentals of SEO for web designers so you can sell SEO and build predictable monthly revenue into your business. 

Level: Beginner

Step by step training

Designing a website is only half the job, getting it found on Google is the other!

If you are ready to up your marketing and SEO skills, this is the course for you. Learn how to…


Hear from a few members…

Nawed W

“Successfully sold three websites for $5.5k. Half now, half when done = payment. Also closed a 4k deal which has been going backward and forwards for 2 months. Thank you so much Tristan.” 

Chris H

“Had a new client sign up for a website redesign this week. 30% deposit paid. Plus just has a contract signed and 50% paid on a £6,000 project (2 sites) – thanks for the help and frameworks”

George L

“I finally had a 10k month (December). And am on track to hit 10k again in January. I haven’t used the outreach yet but have been using your sales tips!” 

Who is this course for?

Web Designers

If you’re already a pro at designing beautiful sites but want to take your skills to the next level and get killer SEO results on Google, you’re in the right place. Our course is tailored specifically for designers like you who are eager to boost their rankings and nail the SEO game. 


If you’re just starting out and feeling a little lost when it comes to SEO, don’t worry! Our course is designed for beginners with zero prior knowledge. We’ll cover everything from what SEO is, to how to get your site to rank, and even how to make Google tick.

Basic SEO's

If you’re already familiar with the basics of SEO but are itching to reach the next level or even get better results, we’ve got you covered. Our course is designed to teach you proven tactics that will help you achieve the SEO results you’ve been dreaming of!

Meet your Mentor

Hey there! Back when I started in web design, I was all about creating flashy, eye-catching sites. Didn’t even think twice about Google rankings. But then, my clients started asking how to up their search engine game and it hit me – SEO is a pretty big deal in the business world.

So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and delve deep into Google’s mysteries. Once I applied this newfound knowledge to my own website and saw my organic traffic skyrocket, I started providing SEO services to all my clients. Now, I’m a pro at structuring a website for maximum SEO performance, identifying those golden keywords, and getting just about any site to shoot up in Google’s rankings.

In this course, I’ll spill the beans on why SEO matters and guide you through the steps to get any website ranking high, using our killer reverse comp strategy. By the end of the course, you’ll be revved up and ready to optimize your own site and extend SEO services to all your web design clients.

So, ready to start your SEO journey to the top? Let’s do this!

-Tristan  Parker
Owner of Parker Digital Marketing 

Course Overview

All lessons are videos accompanied by additional resources. The course contains 7 main modules with 32 lessons at 5+ total hours of video, plus  strategy videos, reporting video examples, a step-by-step checklist overview. 

Additional training and updates are regularly added to keep up to date with the best way of improving your SEO biz. 

(5:35) What is SEO

(5:25) Expectations and timelines

(9:43) Why businesses need SEO

(5:14) Reverse engineer success

(7:19) SEO tool stack

(5:42) Google business listings


(6:33) What are keywords

(4:27) Brainstorming Ideas

(5:17) Hacking Google search

(7:56) Taking from the competition 

(20:29) Narrowing your keyword list

(11:56) How to audit your website 

(11:34) Undergoing competitor analysis

(5:06) Setting up WordPress for SEO

(45:10) Executing on-page SEO

(23:53) Executing off-page SEO

(5:51) Off-page SEO simplified 

(8:28) Google Search Console

(13:31) Improving your website speed

(9:05) Using AI to our SEO advantage

(2:31) The importance of content

(4:53) Types of content 

(10:31) Guidelines for creating content

(8:16) Reporting SEO results

(3:16) Brand NEW SEO – SEO Update – Month 1

(4:25) Brand NEW SEO – SEO Update – Month 2

(4:41) Brand NEW SEO – SEO Update – Month 3

(1:43) Great month reporting example

(3:21) Negative month reporting example

(3:42) Regular month reporting example

(3:01) Slow progress reporting example

(21:03) Executing a real campaign

(#:##) Campaign checklist resource to track progress.

(03:26) Running an SEO campaign for a client

(02:41) SEO on a brand new website

(02:32) SEO on an Ecommerce store

(01:34) SEO on an already high performing website

(02:43) What to do when you think you have completed SEO

So much value!

What’s Inside the Web Design Business Course?

Quality Training Program

Unlimited access to the SEO course content that has been built by an SEO agency, for business owners and web designers. Better your business, sign up more clients, and make more money.

Premium Community

There is no spam or sales pitches inside this SEO community. Just many like-minded people on the same journey, making solid progress with accessible communication and support.

Resource Library

Download all of our free resources including templates, worksheets, checklists, guides, and more.

Live monthly coaching

Every month you’ll have the chance to ask us questions on a live group call, or just listen to others and learn.

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Plus, Get FREE access to the Agency Alchemist a-player community

You’re stepping into a world of top-notch training and a tribe of kickass web designers who are all about supporting each other with their business challenges.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

A course-specific support forum

Monthly live Q&A sessions with yours truly, Tristan

An opportunity to rub elbows with fellow web designers and students

Sounds good, right?

Real Results

Nothing to lose

Money back guarantee

Just join us for 30 days and if you complete less than 20% of the course, attend the Q&A’s, and still don’t love what you see inside, contact us and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.



Yes! If you have completed less than 20% of the course curriculum and simply do not like what you see, then simply contact me via email within 30 days and I will refund you. 

Don’t worry! You are not alone here. Not only have I myself been burned by other courses that just didn’t work, so have students within the Agency Alchemist. This Program holds your hand throughout the entire journey and you can always message me or the community, 24/7, and I’ll personally help you so there is no way you cannot succeed.

Everyone is different, but you learn at your own pace. For as long as you are a member of the program, you’ll receive access to the modules and 1 – 1 access to myself via the community. Because of this, you are not restricted to a certain timeframes and so that’s why it’s very hard for you not to succeed eventually.

SEO is not a quick solution and therefore you could see a positive uplift in traffic anywhere from 30 days to 12 months. However your understanding and ability to implement SEO into your website will come much sooner. 

No. Although we show onsite SEO examples using WordPress and Elementor, all strategies and methods can be applied to any website builder or platform you use.

The only course you need to feel confident getting real quality SEO results.

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