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We are making it almost impossible to not sign up your next 1-3 clients within 30 days and build predictable monthly revenue as a web designer.

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Who is this course for?

Web Designers

You’re already a rockstar full-time web designer, but are you ready to take your biz to new heights? Our course is designed to help you grow your business beyond 6-figures and reach new levels of success.


If you’re new to the game and feeling a bit lost, don’t sweat it! Our course has got you covered. We’ll show you everything you need to know to kickstart your own killer web design biz, right from scratch.

Side Hustlers

Do you have a side gig doing web design that’s just waiting to become your full-time hustle?  Our course will give you the skills and confidence you need to become a full-time web design freelancer.

Meet your Mentor

Hey, when I first kicked off my web design biz, all I was aiming for was to build cool websites and make enough dough to quit my day job. But once I nailed that, I figured why not crank it up a notch, pull in some more cash, and work on my own terms? Now, I’m stoked to tell you that I’ve built an awesome 6-figure Web Design and SEO business, and it’s only going up from here.

But hey, don’t think it was all smooth sailing. When I was starting out, I was clueless about finding clients, let alone running a business. I bumbled my way through a truckload of mistakes, botched projects, unpaid bills, and underselling myself. It took way too long to get my business into the money-making zone, and that’s exactly why I’m so fired up about passing on my hard-earned wisdom so you can hit the fast-forward button on your success.

I’ve thrown thousands into courses and business coaching, and now I’m packing all that priceless knowledge into this comprehensive course for you. It’s a roadmap from finding your first clients to building a 6-figure web design business, all based on the same methods and strategies that got me where I am today. So whether you’re freelancing or starting your own agency, I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality, pronto.

So, are you ready?

-Tristan  Parker
Owner of Parker Digital Marketing 

Course Overview

Every lesson is a video jam-packed with extra resources. The course is split into 8 main chunks with 43 lessons, giving you over 11 hours of video content, plus tons of live Q&A sessions that you can revisit whenever you want.

And hey, we’re always adding more training and updates to make sure you’ve got the latest scoop on how to grow your business. We’ve got your back!

Access the community

(19:50) Routine is everything

(14:15) Web designer 2.0

(14:57) Building a brand

(17:20) Building a brand on YouTube 

(16:34) Setting up your calendar

(08:03) Why you must have a website NEW

(19:10) The 12 month plan NEW

(28:15) Crafting your offer NEW

(38:39) Crafting a thriving niche NEW

(18:06) Why people buy what you are selling 

(27:11) Fixing peoples ‘business’ problems

(05:57) EDC outreach formula (31:50) Epic lead generation (28:56) Emailing with a personal touch NEW (10:35) Social media sorcery (15:37) Revamped calling (09:27) Irresistible loom structure (02:05) Loom Example 1 (04:01) Loom Example 2 (01:53) Loom Example 3 (08:33) Scheduling success (23:10) [BONUS] Automating Your Loom Process for VA’s NEW (12:50) [BONUS] How build your case studies NEW

(22:19) Mass Email Outreach Overview NEW

(06:46) Buying Email Domains NEW

(24:57) Setting Up Your Email Accounts NEW

(11:14) Email Domain Warming NEW

(18:58) Mass Email Lead Generation NEW

(30:50) Setting Up and Running Your Campaign NEW

(23:10) Automating Loom Creation BONUS

(03:24) 2 step sales alchemy process

(20:41) Sales without selling part 1

(17:59) Sales without selling part 2

(23:04) Smashing objections

(11:59) The proposal document

(06:48) Sales pipeline management

(27:24) LIVE: Recorded call presentation  for £2,250 website

(05:36) What is SEO NEW

(09:43) Why businesses need SEO NEW

(06:45) Upselling SEO NEW 

(14:42) Contract production 

(06:20) Questionnaire NEW

(05:49) Taking online payments

(06:48) Evergreen client onboarding

(08:43) Automatic Monthly Customer Payments – MRR Services NEW

(20:16) The premium web agency process

(29:26) Design efficiency

(21:57) Hiring contractors 

(08:51) Automation using Zapier NEW

(21:04) Use our Notion agency dashboard NEW

(23:57) Organic lead generation machine overview


So much value!

What’s Inside the Web Design Business Course?

Quality Training Program

Unlimited access to course content that has been built by a web agency, for web designers. Better your business, sign up more clients, and make more money.

Resource Library

Access our extensive collection of free resources for personal! Download templates, worksheets, checklists, guides, and more anytime, anywhere.

Live monthly coaching

Every month you’ll have the chance to meet up and ask us any questions on a live group call, or just listen to others and learn.

Plus, Get FREE access to the Agency Alchemist a-player community

You’re stepping into a world of top-notch training and a tribe of kickass web designers who are all about supporting each other with their business challenges.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

A course-specific support forum

Monthly live Q&A sessions with yours truly, Tristan

An opportunity to rub elbows with fellow web designers and students

Sounds good, right?

Real Results

The only course you need to accelerate your web design business.

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Free access to the Website Maintenance Plans mini course.

Nothing to lose

Money back guarantee

Just join us for 30 days and if you complete less than 20% of the course, attend the Q&A’s, and still don’t love what you see inside, contact us and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.



Yes! If you have completed less than 20% of the course curriculum and simply do not like what you see, then simply contact me via email within 30 days and I will refund you. 

The attractive thing of building an agency is that nothing else is required to start other than a computer/laptop and WiFi connection. Building a successful web design company is possible anywhere in the world.

We have successful students in counties worldwide.

Don’t worry! You are not alone here. Not only have I myself been burned by other courses that just didn’t work, so have students within the Agency Alchemist. This mentorship program holds your hand throughout the entire journey and you can always message me or the community, 24/7, and I’ll personally help you so there is no way you cannot succeed.

Everyone is different, but you learn at your own pace. For as long as you are a member of the program, you’ll receive access to the modules and 1 – 1 access to myself via the community. Because of this, you are not restricted to a certain timeframes and so that’s why it’s very hard for you not to succeed eventually.

If you follow the curriculum and attend the live Q&As, you will see results within 90 days. We have seen students land high ticket projects within their first month! 

No matter your position, the aim is after 12 months for you to have the confidence, and be in a position where you no longer feel you need this support.

Currently there is not any web design training, and assumes that you already know how to build websites. This program focuses on the process of building your business, finding clients and creating reoccurring revenue. 

That said, since we are all web designers, the community would provide support in many areas of web design if you need. Plus there is a lesson on finding contractors to fill skill gaps in your business.

No, this course will not teach you about SEO, you can find this within out SEO course. However, this course will teach you the importance of SEO and how you can include it as an additional service within your web design business to increase your income. 

Yes. We are regularly updating existing content and building new lessons to give you the best up to date information and processes. 

No, there are not any quizzes or tests with this course – just fun and discovery. It’s really more of a mentorship and guide.

Yes, of course if that is your goal.

Everything in this course is a brain dump of how I managed to build a six figure web design business in less than a year. You will have all of the knowledge and tools that you need to fast track your success.